CONVENTIONAL OVEN A conventional oven works on the principle of pressurized hot air in a closed space. Fans circulate the air over the food evenly. Thus a variety of different foods can be cooked on different shelves at the same time. Foods in different containers can be cooked in the oven without their flavors or aromas mixing. They cook a lot faster than traditional ovens.

COMBINED OVEN This is a valuable innovation that has taken the conventional oven one step further. In addition to or together with hot air, steam can be used to cook food. A Combined oven is good for roasting, baking and broiling a roast and in addition to cooking with steam and boiling it can be used to moisten cooked food.

STEAM COOKER There are 3 types of steam cookers: high pressure, low pressure and atmospheric. Steam cookers either create their own steam or get it from an outside source. Steam is released directly on the food. The cooking time is less in this type of cooker.

HIGH AND LOW PRESSURE STEAM JACKETED BOILERS Steam jacketed boilers are generally square in Europe and round in America. There are also round boilers that can be tipped over or fixed boilers with a drain. The base and sides of the boiler can be heated directly. Water can be heated in the boiler jacket to create steam. Thus the preheating time is shortened and the food will not dry out while cooking.

FIXED STEAM JACKETED BOILER Created by placing containers with steam panels in the square boiler. Many items can be steamed at the same time.

TILTING STEAM JACKETED BOILER The jacketed, insulated body of a tilting boiler or pressurized boiler saves energy. The wide circumference of this equipment and its shallowness at the right working level makes it easy to work with. Fixed and tilting boilers are used to boil food and cook it in steam.

DEEP FRYER The right heat settings, large heating elements and correct frying methods protects the frying oil. Integrated or external filter systems make it easier to strain the oil daily and extend its use.

SLOW ROASTING OVEN This equipment is used to keep food hot or cook slowly. The oven heats to between 60 ºC - 120 ºC with all of the electrical elements in the oven area or with pressurized air. An automatic ‘holding’ timer is an important heat control features. It is generally used to cook very big pieces of meat.

MICROWAVE OVEN A microwave oven creates energy with a magnetron that transform electrical energy into short micro waves. The heat develops in an electromagnetic area inside the food itself. This area makes the water molecules within the food move fast and create heat through friction to cook the food in a short time. All metal parts react with microwaves and damage the equipment.

AN OVEN BROILER (SALAMANDRA) The high heat given off from above by an oven broiler is equal to that of electricity or gas. The distance between the food and the broiler parts is adjustable. An oven broiler is used to bring out shine in foods, prepare gratin dishes and to keep food warm.

Rotisserie A rotisserie can be heat by gas or electric. The skewer can be adjusted to rotate vertically or horizontally and the meat juices and fat are collected in a removable tray.

TRADITIONAL OVENS The most popular are electrical and gas ovens. They are equipped with a variety of features.

INDUCTION OVENS In induction ovens an electrical generator creates a magnetic field and the cooking takes place without heat. Therefore the oven part stays cold because the heat is created under the pot.

CERAMIC COOKING SURFACES The parts of ceramic surface cooking equipment is heated by visible infrared radiation.

TILTING FRYING PAN OR PRESSURIZED COOKING PAN A tilting frying pan is one of the equipment in the kitchen used for the most things. It can be heated with electricity or gas. The pan can be used for frying food, sautéing or slow cooking. A pressurized steam option has been developed for the tilting pan to cook food in its own juices or in steam or to boil it.

GRILL The surface of a grill is comprised of bars that are heated from below.

GRILL WITH HANDLE It has a surface with adjusted heat. The grease is collected in a removable reservoir.